Sunday, 9 September 2012


So many times life catches you by surprise and you don't know what to do
or where you are.
All you know is where you want to be.
Living isn't easy,nothing is easy.
Yet we seem to have an internal strength that comes out when we need it.
A part of us we know exists,yet we don't see often.
Its the part that at that low point its says to you
You can do it
Keep going
You will make it.
And that is what helps us make it through another day.
When we are broken we will heal,
for if something is broken,how can it break more?
it will only heal.
When something is at the bottom,it has nowhere to go,
but up.
When life throws you down,its a challenge,
and if you don't accept it and take the challenge,
No one loses,but you.
When your heart is in pain and it feels like the world is over, that's when its real.
All we have to do is take it,even better,Hit it back.
Look for the good things.
Don't hold the bad,for it harms no one but the holder.
Life isn't easy.
But easy isn't an option.
If it were,everyone would take it,and no ones characters would be moulded.
People with strong hearts
powerful souls and wise minds,
would be empty.
Strength does not come from ease,
it comes form hard times we have no controll over,
and the only option you have?
Be strong.
That shows us who we really are.
I believe people have the potential to achieve anything,
because impossible is a word only a coward will use.