Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hold on.
Grip tight.
Hold on for dear life.
Hold onto the pole, your foundation.
As life blows like a never ending storm.
A wind that will sweep you away.
Hold onto what you believe. 
Grip it.
Don't let go.
Hold onto your life,
The people you hold close.
Let te bruises, the scars show your journey.
Let the hard calluses on your hands show the people . 
That you hold on through the strongest of storms.
Let the blood, from your worn fingers,
Show the world that you are a fighter.
Let the hope in your eyes 
The strength in your eyes.
Shine like a beacon.
Show the world that your hands will Heal.
The cuts will close.
But the scars will remain.
The scars that tell a thousand tales.
The scars that say I didn't give up.
Be proud of your wounds,
The wounds you got while at war with the world.
Wash the blood off your hands.
And all that remain are the same hands,
The hard,fatigued hands.
That taught you how to fight.
That taught you how to fight
That taught you how to fight

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One of the worst things in this world is feeling like we aren't enough.
We aren't enough for someone,
We arent tall enough,
Pretty enough,
Wild enough.
The feeling of hopelessness.
The feeling of emptiness and self doubt,
It's that feeling you get when you put out your all,
But it isn't appreciated,
Your endless trying is not acknowledged.
The way you try your best.
But still it isn't good enough.
One day the person will come along that appriciates,
The person that will say our good is better than the worlds best.
Out average is better than the worlds best.
And our best? 
That person will understand.  

Till then, try your best.
Show people that endless attempts do not mean failure.
Show the world that every time the tide rises to kiss the shore,
She gets chased away,
Only to try again  in a couple of hours time.
Be a beacon of hope.
And try again.

If you fail 100 times and try again you haven't failed,
It's when you stop trying,
When the world makes you cold,
That you fail.

I speak for those whose words go unheard,
Who's voices are muted,
Who's pages go unturned.
Who's screams get muffled by society.
This is to you.
To you who put others before yourself.
To try and break the vicious cycle the world has encrypted in our minds.
Here's to the optimistic, 
Who's views ate of outmost ecstacy.
Who's conspiracy is above mediocrity.
Who believes others are irriplaceable.
Here's to the guy who took the pain.
Here's to him who withheld his tears.
To the guy who finishes last.
It's incomprehensible,
That in this world of bendable,breakable rules,
People are afraid to step out and put someone else first.
Attempt it.
Let that lifestyle consume you.
Let your life manifest a collage if selflessness.
Do not be a slave to the illusion that your existence is the conclusion.
Let your existence,
Your presence be a relentless beacon shifting with what seems like the solution,
Relive the world of this hate, of this mental pollution.

Put people before yourself.
But don't forget what you worth.
Respect all but grovel to none

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Have no where to run.

Trapped in a cage I'm forced to call home,
I leave myself at the foot of the door,
Inside the house enters a clone,
Because the real me can't anymore.

I'm trapped with a family I didn't choose,
People with whom I'd love to aquaint 
The despair is hidden like base on a bruise,
And they bite, like a fish on bait.

I need a place to go, a place to run.
Where I can be free from this pessimistic view
I need a stronghold,somewhere or someone,
Because it's easier to conquer in two.

I need someone to confide in,
More than a page on the internet.
I need a place that will let my soul sing,
I need a home that sees no debt.

I love to write.
I really do.
It gives me a place to run,
When I have nowhere to run to.
I'm struggling a bit lately.
I think I'm missing home.
I'm scared for a lot of things.
Things I can't write about,
If you ask,
I'll tell you.

I'm sitting here under the sun and a beautiful
Blue sky.
Yet I think I'd be more in peace in
The storm.
The howling south Easter
The blue ocean
The majestic mountains. 

What do I have to go back to?
Not much hey?
It's weird I find so much comfort in a place,
That even when I'm there,
I struggle to call home.

I need to start building something for myself.
Of myself.
I need to make a home
I miss it.
I miss having a place were you can lie your head 
and feel completely at rest.

Barry road was that for me.
My mom was that for me.

I can't wait for the day I don't have to worry.
For the day I get to come home to my beautiful wife.
To my kids.
To my home.
My family will be my world.
To the woman who I'll one day marry,
I can't wait.
I'll look you in the eyes every day and tell you what you mean to me.
I'll tell you I love you .
I'll show you I love you.

 But till then,
I'll start my journey. 
I'll start now so that when that day comes.
I can spend my hard earned money on you,
On that diamond ring.

Fuck .
Those are some weird things to write about.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sometimes I just feel like writing.
I feel like letting go of what's on my chest.
Writing for me is a release,
Drawing is a release.
It's time I have by myself that no one can intervene.
I don't know what to write about. 
I don't have a clue.

I don't know what to draw.
I don't know what to say it think.
My minds in a crazy place at the moment.
Not a horrible crazy,
But not a good crazy either.
So much has been happening,
Feelings have shot into my heart,
That I didn't think would.
It's weird what life does to is.
As soon as we start to get a feeling of comfort with our surroundings,
Life reminds us that we aren't in control.
This time it was a good reminder,
A reminder that it's not over,
A reminder of what it's like to have soemeone by your side .
A reminder that not all hope is lost,
But with the ever changing winds,
Life takes and gives and takes and gives. 

It's beautiful really.
We need to look deeper than we do.
We need to look at the good things that we take for granted.
We need to have an optimistic look on this life of ours.
As soon as you see the good in the bad,
You start to have a different outlook on life.
An outlook wich is so rare.
I wish I had it.
I wish I could always see the positive in situations.

If I try,
I can. 
But that's with anything,
Put enough time and though into something and you see the good.
The thing is that with some people.
Yes, you.
It's easy,
It's easy to not see flaws because the good is overwhelming,
The flaws are transparent,
Why see the bad, when there's so much good.
Don't look for the bad, 
The more you look,
The more you will allow it to manifest your life, 
And outlook on life.

Good things come with time they say.
I agree,they do.
But I believe great things are spontaneous.
Things that happen all of a sudden,
Things you don't expect,
Those are the ones that will keep a spot in your mind forever.
Because the longer you wait,
The more you expect.

Someone tell me what to draw, 
I feel like drawing.
I know what I feel like drawing,
I feel like drawing the memories I have in my mind,
I'm a dreamer I'm afraid you will find.
And as I drift away, and my mind flies,
I see my reflection in those big,beautiful brown eyes.