Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Have no where to run.

Trapped in a cage I'm forced to call home,
I leave myself at the foot of the door,
Inside the house enters a clone,
Because the real me can't anymore.

I'm trapped with a family I didn't choose,
People with whom I'd love to aquaint 
The despair is hidden like base on a bruise,
And they bite, like a fish on bait.

I need a place to go, a place to run.
Where I can be free from this pessimistic view
I need a stronghold,somewhere or someone,
Because it's easier to conquer in two.

I need someone to confide in,
More than a page on the internet.
I need a place that will let my soul sing,
I need a home that sees no debt.

I love to write.
I really do.
It gives me a place to run,
When I have nowhere to run to.

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