Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One of the worst things in this world is feeling like we aren't enough.
We aren't enough for someone,
We arent tall enough,
Pretty enough,
Wild enough.
The feeling of hopelessness.
The feeling of emptiness and self doubt,
It's that feeling you get when you put out your all,
But it isn't appreciated,
Your endless trying is not acknowledged.
The way you try your best.
But still it isn't good enough.
One day the person will come along that appriciates,
The person that will say our good is better than the worlds best.
Out average is better than the worlds best.
And our best? 
That person will understand.  

Till then, try your best.
Show people that endless attempts do not mean failure.
Show the world that every time the tide rises to kiss the shore,
She gets chased away,
Only to try again  in a couple of hours time.
Be a beacon of hope.
And try again.

If you fail 100 times and try again you haven't failed,
It's when you stop trying,
When the world makes you cold,
That you fail.

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