Saturday, 3 August 2013

I don't know how much one can handle
sometimes I believe we can handle everything we handed,
at other times I believe things break us,
things that shatter our hearts and souls,
leave us on our knees facing this harsh, cruel world.
facing society.
the same society that makes us believe that the only way of life is to follow the crowd.
I have felt pain,
I have felt hurt.
but I don't believe that those things are more powerful than happiness.
but sometimes, as much as I want to believe,
I don't know.
some things scar us,
leave a mark on our hearts,
some things have brought so much pain and hurt that we cant forget,
we can learn,
but learning does not make us forget,
learning doesn't get rid of that scar.
I don't get this.
One day,
one day I will join a pride.
that's my dream.
to join nature
not society.
i cant stand the image people portray.
I want the beauty of the morning sun on my cold face,
the whole, natural sun,
not disturbed by the city lights.
I want to wake up free of judgment,
I want to wake up with the fresh air,
not polluted by the hurdles that get thrown in our paths.