Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hold on.
Grip tight.
Hold on for dear life.
Hold onto the pole, your foundation.
As life blows like a never ending storm.
A wind that will sweep you away.
Hold onto what you believe. 
Grip it.
Don't let go.
Hold onto your life,
The people you hold close.
Let te bruises, the scars show your journey.
Let the hard calluses on your hands show the people . 
That you hold on through the strongest of storms.
Let the blood, from your worn fingers,
Show the world that you are a fighter.
Let the hope in your eyes 
The strength in your eyes.
Shine like a beacon.
Show the world that your hands will Heal.
The cuts will close.
But the scars will remain.
The scars that tell a thousand tales.
The scars that say I didn't give up.
Be proud of your wounds,
The wounds you got while at war with the world.
Wash the blood off your hands.
And all that remain are the same hands,
The hard,fatigued hands.
That taught you how to fight.
That taught you how to fight
That taught you how to fight

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