Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fuck it.
Fuck the way the world is
People are.
Put others first. 
Make sure peoples hearts are safer than yours.

Who gives a fuck anyways? 
You just the guy that tried,
But didn't quite get there.
Didn't quite fit in.
Didn't really make the cut.

Maybe you not good enough?
Maybe you not crazy enough?

Fuck it. 
To you.
My brother, who put your heart out.
Who put out your hand and kept it there,
No matter how many times it's been left to hover in the cold air.
Here's to you my friend.
Who while you hurting,
You make sure others aren't.

Don't keep it in, it builds
And builds
And builds,
Like an anthill in the dust,
The forces of self doubt and anger,
Like thousands of worker ants
Building their temple.
Their mountain of anger inside your heart.

Don't let them.
Don't let the disrupting darkness get to you:
My brother, you are strong.
You are to good to be put second.
For the amount you try, 
The amount you give out your hand.
It should be permanent held, 
By another hand that is lingering in the mist.

The must will clear.
The darkness will become light.
The smell of  rot will be replaced with that of fresh lavender.

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