Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Here we are.
Once again faced with life and its relentless pounding,
faced with the harsh beatings of life.
Down on your knees, the blood runs thin from the constant wear.
your elbows battered from the constant falling.
your arms trembling from all the times that they have tried to lift up that heavy,
heavy body.
Your legs are aching.
Your shins are bruised,
your hands are grazed from helping you stop the fall.
But your hands can only do so much.
What happens when the cuts get too deep and you cant use your hands to block the fall?
what happens when your legs are too weak to stand up again?
What happens when your body is too tired and it would just be easier to maybe,
i can tell you two options.
One - you stay down.
You give into the comfort of being on the floor, 
the ease of not having the struggle to get back up.
You allow your body,
 your battered elbows and scraped knees,
to get used to the ground.
Let them heal, but not grow,
Let the blood clot.
let the cuts close.
let the door close.
throw in the towel?
The infamous white flag.

If thats you, then Listen.
There is another option.

Theres a real tough choice to make.
Because this path is going to be harder.
Your knees?
They will be raw to the bone,
you hands will be covered in your struggle.
Your legs and arms are numb,

Your mind will be rich in hope,
your soul will be alive in power,
and if you are strong enough,
You are strong enough.
you are.
You wont let anything keep you down.
Your sore knees will get scraped a hundred more times getting up,
But that moment, 
that one moment when your knees straighten and your hands push off that floor.
Your body feels as alive as your soul.
And the power you have inside you,
deep deep inside.

Says fuck it.
Fuck it to not standing tall.
Your soul overcomes everything,
your mind, 
The force of gravity that was holding you down.
is obliterated by the immense strength of ones self.

ill finish this another time.

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