Thursday, 15 January 2015


This is to you.

This is to you,
you are the reason for my strength.
This is a thank you for showing me how to love, like other people don't know,
like i didn't know.
Let me say thank you,
thank you for being my pillar of strength in my times of utmost solitude.
in my times of unbearable pain.

Thank you for being my teacher.
thank you for showing me that possessions are not important.
that life is more than what people think.
thank you for opening my eyes to how a person should behave.
You taught me how to care about someone,
but not like others care,
like you care.
Its not the same because if the world ran dry, 
people like YOU would be the river that gives people hope.
The river that reminds us that our thirst can be quenched.
The kind of kindness that is so rare.
The kindness we felt as kids, before this world polluted our minds.
Can i tell you something beautiful, Fabs?
Your mind is not polluted by this world.
Your mind shines, it explodes with passion and determination.
Its beautiful.
like the sunset over Noordhoek beach.
Everyone looks and wonders how something can be so incredibly beautiful?
So intricately constructed to be a beacon of light to the world.
The sun lights up the skys relentlessly and shows us that its the beginning of a new day.
Thats what you have done for me over the past 20 years,
i wake up and i don't have to see you,
just like i dont have to see the sun, to know that it has risen.
I feel you,
i feel the love you have for the world,
the passion you have for people,
the zest you have for living 
the love you have for life.
And can i tell you somehting beautiful?
when i wake up, i feel the love you have givne me.
When people tell me i cant,
i feel your power inside me,
i see the way you handled the toughest times and i fight.
i fight for what our beautiful mother taught us.
I fight because the world cant hold anyone down.
I fight because not fighting would be to easy.
And i fight because that's what i was taught.

i have no idea of  what lies ahead,
but i do know i have you by my side,
and i hope you know i'm by yours too.
Ill never leave.
Because mom built us a home in her heart,
a home for our souls,
our minds.
I find myself in you.
and theres no one else id rather look deep into the eyes and see myself.
but more than that i see you.
I see the life you have lived and the struggled you have powered through.
i see the times you have felt alone, but you always knew you weren't.
I see the Strength of you heart.
I see moms eyes, 
i see moms kindness,
i see moms outlook on life.
i see YOUR outlook on life.
i see passion,
I see a bulldozer that simply cannot be stopped, 
because nothing is stronger than an inspired mind.
I see my childhood in your eyes,
i see our good times and our bad times.
i see all the lesson you have taught me.
i see the tough times,
i see the tears 
But i also see the lion inside of you.
The predator,
hungry for more,
hungry for thrill and adventure,
the lion that cant be tamed,
don't hold it in,
set it free.
Because a soul like yours, will never venture this earth again.
Thank you for teaching me 
guiding me.
Thank you for being the Lion i look at with admiration,
The lion that everyone knows is different,
The lion i hope to roar like one day.
The lion i love with my whole existence.
The only lion that will be in my pride for the rest of my life.
thank you for everything. 

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