Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I speak for those whose words go unheard,
Who's voices are muted,
Who's pages go unturned.
Who's screams get muffled by society.
This is to you.
To you who put others before yourself.
To try and break the vicious cycle the world has encrypted in our minds.
Here's to the optimistic, 
Who's views ate of outmost ecstacy.
Who's conspiracy is above mediocrity.
Who believes others are irriplaceable.
Here's to the guy who took the pain.
Here's to him who withheld his tears.
To the guy who finishes last.
It's incomprehensible,
That in this world of bendable,breakable rules,
People are afraid to step out and put someone else first.
Attempt it.
Let that lifestyle consume you.
Let your life manifest a collage if selflessness.
Do not be a slave to the illusion that your existence is the conclusion.
Let your existence,
Your presence be a relentless beacon shifting with what seems like the solution,
Relive the world of this hate, of this mental pollution.

Put people before yourself.
But don't forget what you worth.
Respect all but grovel to none

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