Sunday, 10 June 2012

 Sometimes we need to take a break,When life gets the most of us,Tries to handle us.
We need to turn to the things that make us happy,Really happy.
The things that are constant and do not change.
The things that don't have potential to be great,for they are already great.
Because everything has the power to be great,But not much is.
Happiness is found in the places we feel most at home,
the places where you can be you.
Everyone has the potential to be happy.
The definition of happy differs,for different people.
Yet it has the same meaning to everyone.
A state where you can be free.
free to be who want to be or who you feel like being. 
Happiness overcomes all other emotions and overcomes pain.
Time and Happiness go hand in hand,as time is constant and happiness is temporary. 
Time brings us happiness by healing.
One is concious of fear,pain, hatred,jealousy and happiness.
The only true state of happiness is reached when happiness is constant
and we don't feel aware of the times we are happy,
as the feeling is common in our hearts.
Our soul longs for freedom,
yet cries for security.
Our soul longs for happiness,
yet we know happiness from the absence of itself,
and presence of other emotions.
Our soul longs for  dreams we feel cannot be reached,
but its just that type of attitude that betrays us
and stops us from becoming who we want to be.
Success is merely a state of mind and can be attained,
when you feel satisfied with what you have done.
Life is what you make it.

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