Friday, 2 November 2012


sometimes I think we need a break.
we need to run to a place we feel free
where there are no expectations,
no thoughts
Just time you have for yourself and no one else.
Being with people is good
but time alone is precious.
Silence is golden and the state of mind where you are happy alone,
is a good one.
Because when you happy alone,
your happiness does not rely on anyone.

The ocean is my break from the world.
The world holds me,
the people in it,seem to manipulate my thoughts,
my mind.
As soon as I get in the water,
the chains are broken,
I'm no longer a slave of the things around me,
but I'm a loyal servant to the ocean.
It owns me,
with permission to.
Its the freedom I ask for ,
and how lucky am I to receive it?

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