Wednesday, 6 March 2013


People think they know.
they think they know the situation we in
the things we feel
and when we feel them.
The reality is no one does.
From the people you live with,
to the people you spend all your time with.

i wish people knew what my heart felt like,
and the simple things they could do.
But no one does and i dont expect them to.

So much pain,
questions that remain unanswered.
People dont know.
not a clue.

people dont look at me and say
'last year he lost his world,
he lost his joy,his home,
last year he lost his strength,
his light,he lost something he thought he could never live without,
he lost a part of him,he lost the one who would cheer his heart,
he lost the one who would give up the world for him.'

Well thats what i lost.
i lost everything i knew.

Life changed at an instant.
People were there for me for a while,
things changed again and people left.
meanwhile the pain in my heart?
it stays.
its here.

I dont look for pitty,
compassion or anything like that.
i just need a place to run to.
im not strong,
im not a hero.

nowhere is home.

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